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Hi and welcome to my site.


I have been doing Spiritual Guidance Readings for over 25 years now, i have known since i was a child i was different but did not know why or how i knew things were going to happen before they did my Father and Mother both knew things but did not know they had gifts of insight, healing and much more.

My Son Raymond who is in Spirit, is my Spiritual Helper he had the same gifts as myself. he works with me and helps me alot with my readings i have his love and energy with me and around me and i am very blessed to have that..

I work with and through My Spiritual Guides, My Angels, My spiritual Helpers, and God I was born with these gifts Healing and More..


I work mainly with Clairaudience, which is hearing spirit, Clairvoyance which is seeing , and Mediumship which is connecting to our loved ones in spirit if they are willing to come forward with a message they have to be willing to come forward i cant go to them they have to come to me that is how it works in the Spirit World, i do not have control over what comes through from a loved one i am a vessel that receives and passes on that message to the best of my ability to the person it is meant for.

I do work to questions, it makes it easier for my Guides to bring through the right kind of help and guidance to the problem at hand as to what is worrying or troubling you at the time.

So please ask a question very clearly as to what you need guidance with and please include your date of birth.

I dont always know what tools i will be using in my readings sometimes Mediumship will come into a Guidance Reading it just happens in the way it is meant to.

I also want to make it quite clear i do not know everything about a person life, i am not meant to, your life is yours to live not mine to give you, i can only pass on what My Guides and Your Guides know you need  that will help you the most

We come here to this Earth Plane to experience every aspect of life and we will have many life times here.

This Earth Plane is our Learning plane as everything we do here is physical and emotional.

We grow spiritually and physically from the many experiences and lesson we have chosen to learn and have in each life time.

With anyone wanting to connect to a loved one for a message, i ask for persons name  they wish to connect to their date of birth if known or a passing over date, as they have all of us on record on the other side and it makes it easier to me to connect to that person if i have a name, date of birth and passing over date if known and your r/ship to that person you wish a message from. eg. Father, Mother. sister etc….If a loved one has just passed and it is early days, please give that person time to ajust to the Spirit World our loved ones need healing and counseling to help them realize they are no longer or this Earth Plane for some souls it takes longer that is why i ask for a passing over date.

I am not a Doctor if anyone is asking about health questions, i can only give you what you are meant to have from spirit i always tell people go to a Doctor, a Specialist, or professional person with any health concerns you have , sometimes i will get little warnings to pass on but it is up to that person to want to listen or not it is up to them My spiritual help does not interfere with anyone’s free will.

Because of the time and Energy that goes into A Mediumship Reading  i will do one person you wish to connect to and that is a separate reading from a Guidance Reading.

If there is anything that is not clear to you in your reading please let me know so i can explain it to you so you have a better understanding and are satisfied with that, if i need to ask you something to help bring through the right guidance i will i am not asking you for the answers but i do need a clear question to work with.

We all work in our own way, and we are all different in how we work i was chosen to work to questions so my Spirit Guides know exactly the kind of Guidance, wisdom, Truth insight, and Help you need the most so you feel some comfort, reassurance, relief and confident to move forward in life knowing how to use and tap into your own intuition and spiritual gifts you have.

Love, Light, And Blessings To You All………Jazz.


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